This guide helps you create monitors, or “checks” for a particular website or API endpoint. A single check is effectively one URL, which Pingnik sends requests to in order to monitor uptime

Creating a Check

To create a check click the "add new" button on the checks page, you’ll be presented with the check creation form. After creating a check, make sure your team is notified of downtime and performance issues by creating an alert.

Basic settings

Enter a descriptive Name such as "Google Search", or "My App API" used for reporting. Select the HTTP method and type the domain including the protocol (https or http) as "" or "".

Creating a new check - Basic Tab

Header fields

Click the “Header” tab to view a list of header fields for the request. If you need more headers, click on the "+" button to add a new row. Clicking the “x” to the right of any field will remove it.

Creating a new check - Headers Tab

Request Body

The request may have an associated body, click the “Body” tab and enter the content in the field

Creating a new check - Body Tab

How timeouts are handled

Requests which take longer than 10 seconds time out, and are treated as errors which contribute to downtime.